Nutrition Counseling For Plant-Based Eating

Nutrition Counseling For Plant-Based EatingNutrition Counseling For Plant-Based Eating



Stay True to Yourself

Suzy helped me realize that I did not have to compromise my morals in order to keep up with diet changes that were recommended by my doctor's office, but rather be aware of a FEW specific foods that would really make a significant difference in the oxalate levels in my body. The information that I had received from my own doctor was outdated and inconsistent with my own research. Suzy took time to research my food options with the most up-to-date resources and gave me as much updated information as she could on continuing a low oxalate/vegetarian diet. It made me feel a lot better to consult with a nutritionist about my concerns with staying vegetarian and also staying healthy. I highly recommend Suzy as a professional who takes the time to go above and beyond for her clients. 

- N

Gain Confidence

Seeing you was an ENORMOUS help- after we talked I felt confident that I had a strong sense of exactly how to plan meals for weight loss

- E

Feel Better

The assessment and advice provided were really helpful.  The changes suggested helped me live better and happier - I'm very grateful for that.
 I was very satisfied with the talk we had, the follow up I received, and the way I feel. 
- G

Manage Disease

Managing a chronic disease is scary, and often the medicines are even scarier, so it means a lot to have the tools and information to treat yourself with healthy food choices too. 

- E

Get Reliable Information

I wanna share an amazing resource. If you're interested in learning more about a diet that is the most (quantifiably THE MOST) pro-you, pro-environment and pro-animals, consider making a consult appointment with dietitian Suzanne Sorensen. I recently had one myself thanks to a hot tip from a friend. Early in our chat, I asked Suzy what she thought about something or other in my diet. She responded by saying the answer is not what she thinks, but what the science says. Wanna find out what the science says? BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY. You won't regret it. Seriously, do it. 

- J

Group Learning

Wonderful program, Suzy! I’m hearing  many positive comments from participants. Your presentation was so well organized with tasty healthy meals taking center stage throughout. I know many will be on the path (to plant-based eating) thanks to your expertise and artful approach.

I really appreciate your passion, responsiveness and commitment to excellence. you were wonderful to work with.

- B